Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mantis is not sending Email, How to fix?

I installed mantis for bug tracking system and it was done quite quick, may be in an hour. But the miserable part is, it was not sending email notification for any update, and it took more than couple of hour and still not fix... wtf is that.

OK, Chill !!!! I got the solution

Configuring the email settings is challenging task for most of the users start working with Mantis. The confusion is partially caused because PHP (so therefore Mantis) does not give you a very precise description about why it can not deliver emails. But you should try to see the log file /var/log/apache2/error.log and see if you can get some valuable information to proceed further.

In Most of the cases the configuration is very easy, and the good part is Mantis does maintain the mail related configuration variable as global ones.
So just need to change them and it should start working.

1. open your config_inc.php (located in: /var/www/mantis/config_inc.php)
2. copy the following code to the file:

$g_allow_signup    = ON;  //allows the users to sign up for a new account
$g_enable_email_notification = ON; //enables the email messages
$g_phpMailer_method = PHPMAILER_METHOD_SMTP; // this is most important
$g_smtp_host = '';
$g_smtp_connection_mode = 'tls';
$g_smtp_port = 587;
$g_smtp_username = ''; //replace it with your gmail address
$g_smtp_password = '*********'; //replace it with your gmail password
$g_administrator_email = ''; //this will be your administrator email address

3. go to your Mantis homepage (
4. click sign up for a new account
5. create a dummy account with your gmail address
6. press Signup
7. check your mail

Suppose you want to use other modes of smtp_connection, you can read about them at here

If you want to use your own SMTP server without TLS or SSL conneciton, it would be something like.
$g_smtp_host = '';
$g_smtp_connection_mode = '';
$g_smtp_port = 25;
$g_smtp_username = 'youraccount@example'; //replace it with the email which can access your mail server
$g_smtp_password = '*********'; //replace it with your email account password

         * select the method to mail by:
         * PHPMAILER_METHOD_MAIL - mail()
         * PHPMAILER_METHOD_SENDMAIL - sendmail
         * @global int $g_phpMailer_method
        $g_phpMailer_method             = PHPMAILER_METHOD_MAIL;

Above code is present in "/mantis_home/config_defaults_inc.php" file.
As you see above mantis provide various ways of sending email, default is mail() command of linux, better is is make it "PHPMAILER_METHOD_SMTP", so that you can send email using any email server.

In the same file you can change from email also which will be shown in email. For that you need change the constant 
$g_from_email = ""
$g_from_name = "Mantis Nishal Bug Tracker"

Note : For any further help, use this link

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