Wednesday, 16 January 2013

After setting javaagent in classpath tomcat is not starting

Q. I am trying to use newrelic as javaagent in tomcat on ubuntu machine. When I set the javaagent in classpath, tomcat fails to start. I tried with tomcat5 and tomcat7, its not starting. And I am not getting any log also to check anything.
I tried doing the same with tracelytics javaagent, still its the same, tomcat is not starting. And clue, no log, someone please help.
A. It was happening due to setting of Xss configuration at the time server start in CATALINA_OPTS. I had set it to 128K, somehow it was failing to start. But when I removed that setting, it started, then I changed to 256K then also it started. I am not sure about the inside story, but at least it is working now :)